Monday, February 1, 2016

Gestalt and Zentangle

I mentioned last week that I was getting things ready to teach a class on Paper Embroidery using my latest design. The Redwood Stitchers EGA in Santa Rosa, CA are a warm and fun bunch. My friend Muriel and I had a great time with them and I think there will be several completed projects by their next meeting. While I was there I found out that a friend from the mixed media/stitching world who is also a CZT (I know; talented much?!) is going to be teaching a Zentangle class for them in March. Muriel and I both signed up on the spot so we will be going back to join in the fun!

The drive to Santa Rosa (2 hours each way) was made delightful by the beautiful weather and the gorgeous green of the new growth after the rains. This may seem odd if you live somewhere that it rains year round but we only get rain from October through April (if we're lucky!). I imagine that what I was feeling was akin to what it feels like to see spring flowers after a long, snowy winter.

This week's Diva Challenge is to use the new Zentangle pattern Molygon. I had seen a bit of it popping up on the web and knew I was going to like it and I was not disappointed! This is a really fun pattern that grows as the whim takes you. It reminded me a lot of Tri-Bee so included some of that on my tile.

Tangles Used: Molygon and Tri-Bee

I am currently taking a class on Design and Color. We have been talking about the Gestalt Theory of Design and this new pattern perfectly illustrates two of the principles, Similarity and Proximity. I'm pretty sure that you could find Zengtangle patterns that illustrate each of the design principles. It would actually make a pretty cool class!

Alright. I'm off to try this in green (my new color obsession!).


  1. I like how you made your Molygon large and filled from there. Very bold and stunning! I have embroidered Zentangle patterns and it is a lot of fun. I think you will really enjoy a class by a CZT!

  2. A clever design. I hope you enjoy your class

  3. It looks really nice extra large like this!

  4. Very nice Dorita! I haven't done my Molygon tile yet. I'll get to it this evening. It was too nice a day here in Sonoma County (I live in Windsor - hee hee) and I spent the day doing errands but also just being outside in the sunshine. Ahhh. Have fun with the class. I'll have to figure out who is teaching it and see if I can make it.

    1. The teacher's name is Terry Dryden -
      although you would be better off contacting Redwood Stitchers about taking the class. Hope to see you there!

  5. Love that you played with the scale of this tangle! Great tile!

  6. I like the bigged up version too. You somehow managed to keep the shape of the pattern and then filled it with well matched tangles.

  7. Great idea to make it a big molygon and fill it:)