Spring Boards

Over the past year I have been developing this line of paper embroidery templates I am calling "Spring Boards." It started when a friend asked me to teach a paper embroidery class. At the same time my husband had gotten interested in laser etching and a collaboration was born! Each set of templates comes in several different colors and can be customized by changing thread color, weight, and style. They stitch up quickly and make great gifts. A warning though, they can be addictive!

Don't stitch? No problem! These can be made without holes and you can draw, paint, or stamp your own design.

I'm still in the process of getting my etsy shop up and running. But if you want one NOW you can find me at: SpringValleyDesigner[at]gmail[dot]com (Remove the [brackets] )

Circular Ornaments
RD01 RD02 RD03 RD04

Globe Ornaments
GL01 GL02 GL03 GL04

Other Designs
Lamp Ornament Egg Ornament Pumpkin
Sugar Skull Snowman Snowflake

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