Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Valentine's Week

For all of you who are fans, here was my view of Super Bowl 50! I stayed as far away from the traffic and mess as possible but can see the stadium across the valley from my backyard.

Levi Stadium From Our Backyard

A couple of weeks ago I posted a picture of wild mustard in bloom. Winter has always meant green and yellow to me, living here in Norther California. So here is another example.

Acacia Tree in Bloom

I had a lot of fun with Molygon last week and wanted to try it out in green (since I seem to be obsessed with green right now). This piece was done using every green pen I own!

A Molygon Monotangle

This week's Diva Challenge was a Valentine's challenge and I had two different inspirations. We had roasted beets with dinner last night and when I had cut the root and stem ends off the roasted vegetables I stopped my self from throwing them away and put them on some drawing paper. After the color had soaked in I did throw them away and let the paper dry overnight. Today I tangled on it with a white pen and some purple metallic ones.

Tangle Used: Luv-A

My second inspiration was a black wooden heart that was used by a friend to label some homemade jam. So I decided to tangle the other side and wound up with this fun piece.

Tangles Used: Gravee, Eddyper and Tipple

Wishing everyone a lovely Valentine's Day!


  1. Your Molygon mono is great, color use really makes it sing. Great job on the V-Day challenge, love the "yummy" beet background. I'm going to have to try this!

  2. Love the green Molygon. Your beet stained paper is lovely with the tangles on top, and what a neat way to reuse the heart! Beautiful work!

  3. What a wonderful valentines design, how very original. Your green Molygon is also beautiful, I like all the shades together I must try that.

  4. What a great idea to color your paper this way, thanks for the idea, I will certainly try it! I was born in 'Acacialaan' (Acacia street) and only now see how very beautiful it is.

  5. All are wonderful! Especially I like your fabulous Molygon monotangle!