Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Where Has All the Rain Gone?

I am so not ready for warm weather and here it is warm with no rain in sight until maybe next Tuesday! I have drawn the following tile in the hopes that it will entice some rain clouds our way:

Tangles Used: Nzeppel, Pop Cloud, Mssst,
and random plant-like things
On the plus side all the warm weather has caused the trees to go nuts as these two examples will show you:

So incredibly beautiful!

I'm sure that all of you who are bundled up and dreaming of spring think I'm nuts but I love to settle down to a good book while it pours outside and that seems to happen less and less frequently these days.

But enough complaining! The Diva's challenge this week was to use Boo*Kee and Artoo in a Duotangle. These tangles were named after her two sons who are under the weather this week so I'm sending love and sunshine from California!

Tangles Used: Boo*Kee and Artoo
I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done with this fun challenge.


  1. A lovely tile and lovely trees! You should come over here, we have lots of rain :-(

  2. Thos trees are beautiful, like your tile!

  3. Lovely tile with Boo*Kee and Artoo! The trees in flower are just beautiful!