Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Have a Proposition

I don't know how it works in other states, but here in California we have 17 State Propositions on the ballot this year, plus 2 County and 5 City Propositions. And then there are the offices to vote for. I've been working on my ballot since the end of August and was so relieved to have it done and in the mail on Monday! Now I can sit back and tangle ;)


Diva Challenge

The Diva's challenge this week was to use Leaves/Autumn as a theme. I used the Diva's method of tracing around some leaves I found on my walk. But I then cut mine out, pasted them to my tile and used them as a mask while I spritzed watercolor on the background. I'm going to get some low-tack glue for next time as it was a bit tricky to get all of the mask back off! El Prado was a new tangle to me and I really like it.

Tangles Used: El Prado, Lazy Eights and Sand Swirl

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

So Many Tangles, So Little Time

I've been working on a big project but haven't got much to show for it yet but have been trying to tangle everyday.


I've been having fun keeping up with InkTober.

Diva Challenge

The Diva and her family just celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada so she decided that this was a good time to use the tangle Gourdgeous as a challenge. I used Festune too since I have always thought they look like little squashes.

Tangles Used: Gourdgeous, Festune, and Oke

Monday, October 3, 2016

How Can It Be October Already?

Is anyone else doing InkTober? I'm doing a modified form, not using the prompts and just trying to draw every day. Today is only the 3rd but so far, so good! I'm keeping them small so here I've done two on one page.

I'm also counting the Diva Challenge pieces towards my InkTober goal. This week's Challenge was a Use-My-Tangle using Daniel Lamothe's tangle Dreamcather. I enjoyed this tangle and can see lots of possibilities for it.

Tangles Used: DL-Nebula, Dreamcatcher, Snaylz Trayl, and Cayla
I also did a "catch-up" piece for challenge 267. The challenge was to use Drupe (very much not a favorite) and Pokeroot. I played with Drupe a bit and like what resulted but doubt it will be featured in many future pieces!

Tangles Used: Drupe and Pokeroot


TAST 57 - Feathered Chain Stitch &
Beaded Feathered Chain Stitch

TAST - Detached Chain Stitch