Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ghosts of Tangles Past

Continuing with my thesis that winter in Northern California is green and yellow although the lush glory of the wild mustard is fading the sour grass is here to take it's place. This front yard has been completely taken over. The home owner probably thinks of them as weeds but I think they are glorious!

The Muster Mixer challenge this month lived up to it's name! I had a hard time coming up with more than one way to combine Fungees and Eddyper into a tangleation. I had lots of fun doodling in my sketch book along the way but these were the only two ideas that were really successful.

The Diva Challenge this week is called, "Ghosts of Tangles Past." The idea is to go back in to your archive of tiles and recreate a past tile with your present style. The older tile is from August 2014 and was the first tile I did while working my way through "One Zentangle a Day" and was probably the fourth tile I had ever done. It is on a shiny cardboard (like gift boxes are made of) which was really nice to ink but wouldn't shade well at all.

Tangles Used: Crescent Moon, Fescu, Nekton, and Tipple
String 001 from TanglePatterns.com

As I'm writing this I am wondering if I actually did what was intended. I used the same string and tangles while doing the new tile but did not recreate the identical tile.

Tangles Used: Crescent Moon, Fescu, Nekton, and TippleString 001 from TanglePatterns.com

This was a very thought provoking challenge and I'm looking forward to seeing what others did with it.


  1. I think you did it correctly, although only the Diva could tell you for certain. I understood it to mean use the same tangles and string but draw it as you would now. I love the new design.

  2. To just reproduce the original tile in a, hopefully, more skilled way, rather goes against the Zentangle "way" I think. For me, it's about how we would respond to the task now, changing a little or a lot.

  3. So much more confident in drawing! Good to see isn't it?

  4. Your new tile looks like a gift box which is a lovely reflection back to the gift box style paper you used in your earlier tile.

  5. I love your new tile it reminds me of a ladybird :)

  6. Love to see the way you have progressed in your tangles. I can see a definite difference in your tiles. Nicely done and thank you for sharing!