Monday, January 25, 2016

Green Rabbits and Yellow Flowers

It has rained quite a bit here lately which means the hills are green and the wild mustard is in bloom. This small orchard near our house has to be the most photographed spot in town; for good reason!  The photographers been out in full force this year and if you can't beat them....

I particularly like the last one because the oak tree in the background look like a rabbit coming down hill (well, to me anyway!)

I really love the strong color of the mustard blooms after weeks of gray weather. Later on, when the orchard is in bloom, it is another kind of beautiful all over again. The legend is that Father Serra and his party strew there path northward with mustard seeds. When it came time to go South again they just followed the golden road.

I have been mostly getting things ready to teach a class on Wednesday but I did take a break to finish my piece for the Muster Mixer challenge this month. Which was to combine Afterglo and Ahh. Here is my sampler of ideas:

And the Diva Challenge this week is to use  a tangle as a string. I decided to use Dragonair as my string.

Tangles Used: Nekton, Cayla, Nzeppel, StarMap,
 L-Aura, Fanz, and Poke Leaf

I think you can tell I had a good time with this one! But, back to the grindstone. I still have a couple of stitch charts to finish and then I can put the final touches on the kits and be all ready to go.


  1. Great photo's and yes, I can see the rabbit coming downhill! He must be following the yellow path south too :-) We used to have a lot of mustard fields too, but you don't see them so much these days. A yellow field usually means rape seed now and that spreads everywhere..

    Dragonair, I should have thought of that after last week's post. It is beautifully drawn and looks great with tangles in it.

  2. I do like the 'rabbit' tree!!! I also like your Diva tile.

  3. It is great to see summer fotos in winter times.. It seems like you were from another world(!?) or maybe our planet is really a globe?
    Your rabbit tree is really funny and your tangles are both beautiful! Greetings, Simone

  4. I was also inspired to post photos of my surroundings this week---the Big Snow of 2016. The mustard fields are beautiful. I wouldn't imagine them blossoming this time of year. Of course, I know nothing about mustard plants. Dragonair is a new tangle for me. I must look up the step outs because I've been playing around with something I made up that looks vaguely similar. Nice work.

  5. Your dragonair tile is great! What lovely photos of the mustard blooming! Seeing these was lovely as we are white at the moment.