Monday, February 29, 2016

An Artful Week

Last week I had to buy some toner for my printer and it came with packet of glossy photo paper. We rarely print photos so I was wondering what to do with it and of course I wondered if I could tangle on it. I did a couple of trial pieces and am pretty happy with the results.

Sharpie and Lumocolor on Glossy Photo Paper

A Variety of Gel Pens, Identi-pen and Perma-pen
 on Glossy Photo Paper
They have a lot more sheen in person because of the paper.

Last week I went on my annual retreat with a bunch of other stitchers and textile artists. The grounds are always lovely and this year was no exception.

I fell in love with this tree

The Red Hot Pokers were out in force!

While I was there i finally got a chance to start working on the piece that I blogged about last August (can I really have procrastinated that long?!) I started by doing a loose watercolor of the piece as it was and then started to add stitching. I have worked a bit of the water and a lot of the "land masses." I plan to finish the water and sky and then add in the grasses and reeds as a last step. I think it will be really interesting when it is done.

This week's Diva Challenge is by guest blogger Amy Broady who challenged us to, "Make your work shine and include a metallic feature." I used a metal button as a string for my piece and then tangled Floatfest around it in silver pen. It didn't photograph as well as I would have liked, this is white paper and the ring of half moons around the button were done in black metallic, but that's the way it goes!

Tangle Used: Floatfest

I hope you all find a way to get a little retreat into your week!


I couldn't resist. I had a second button so I had to do a second tile!

Tangle Used: Gnarly


  1. I forgot about Floatfest, you've used it beautifully!

  2. :)I love the button. Its hard to get the shiny 'ness' in the photos isn't it?

  3. Such a pretty tile with the button. I think a lot of us had difficulty capturing the "shiny" this week in a photo though. That piece that you are working on is going to be so worth all the time that it is taking. I can't wait to see it completed.

  4. Great idea to use a button and the result is beautiful.

  5. I love the buttons! I never would have thought of that. That tile with the blues and greens is really stunning!

  6. I had to go back and have another look at everything here because there are so many lovely things. Your tree is gorgeous, I can see the attraction and your embroidery is lovely. I have a group of friends who call ourselves Stitch and Bitch (Or Knit and Natter) and I can't wait to show them this. I don't do as much stitching as I used to but you've set me thinking...

  7. Love your Floatfest! Mine always ends up looking like a hot mess ... I get frustrated, having invested so much time into trying to keep it neat, and it insists on going rogue!

  8. Love that Button! What a fun way to do this challenge!

  9. What beautiful embroidery, I love the colours. Great Diva tiles, clever idea to use buttons.

  10. I think you may have started a new "thing". Your button inspired tiles are wonderful.