Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rainy Days and Flowers

It's been raining here which is excellent since last month was hot and dry which is definitely not the way we want this winter to go in our drought stricken state. We are between storms today so I took the opportunity to take a walk and admire the beautiful flowers blooming all over town. The citrus trees are also blooming to imagine a lovely, sweet scent as you wander past these beauties...

White Flowers Against a Stormy Sky

A Fountain of Wisteria 

Yellow Roses on a Wooden Fence

So now that we have enjoyed Nature's grand artwork here are a couple of my (much, much smaller) attempts. This month's Muster Mixer Challenge was to combine Miander and Cubine into a tangleation of the two. I found a couple of different ways to combine the two tangles:

The Diva Challenge this week is a Use My Tangle challenge by Kathrin Bendel. Her tangle, Rautyflex, takes a lot of concentration and deliberate drawing but is well worth the trouble. I really enjoyed the process and although I'm on the fence about this particular tile I did get to try a lot of variations which will be useful on future tiles.


  1. I like your muster mixer challenge response and your photos of flowers. If I had the right type of garden and the space I'd be growing wisteria everywhere.

  2. Beautiful spring photos! I like the different patterns you found in the Rautyflex.

  3. Oh how I envy your lovely flowers. It's very early spring here, so we have snowdrops and daffodils and crocuses, but no blossom yet. I can almost smell that lemon... As for the tiles, I admire the Cubine/Meander combination, they both work well and your take on Rautyflex is excellent.

  4. Nature's great! :-)
    Love your Rautyflex monotangle, it has a great composition.

  5. Beautiful Rautyflex tile! Thanks for the wonderful spring photos!