Tuesday, September 30, 2014

String Theory - a Diva's Weekly Challenge

Weekly Diva Challenge #187 was to use a "blind" string, that is to draw the string with your eyes closed. As you can see, my string didn't exactly fill the tile. I was thinking of fixing it by turning the tile over and adding more (with my eyes closed of course!) but decided to just use what I had since that is kind of the point of the exercise.

Blind String

I am working my way through One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula and am on Day 26 so decided to make this tile cover that purpose as well. I'm glad I made it a two-fer since it took me at least twice as long to do this than it usually does!

Tangles Used: Poke Leaf, Festune, Flux, Growth, Nipa


  1. nice tangle - I like the 'S' shape in the middle

  2. A lovely tile; I like the open space left in it.

  3. Great tile! I love the vine shaped tangle in the middle.

  4. Very lovely tile! Like your use of Nipa!

  5. Glad you decided to go with what you had drawn, This is a lovely tile.