Friday, September 26, 2014

Paper Batik

Wednesday I experimented with a paper batik process using a white Sakura glaze pen to doodle on some paper and then adding watercolor after the ink was dry. After they were done I re-wet the backs, placed them between sheets of wax paper, and pressed them under some books to flatten them. I released them this morning and here are the results.

This was my first try on an off -cut of paper

Here is my second experiment on a slightly larger piece of paper

The first piece worked as I had expected it to work but on the second piece I kept thinking my pen wasn't working. As it turns out the second piece of paper was a different quality to the first and soaked up most of the glaze ink resulting in a very subtle batik. Both are interesting and I think it is time to glue them into the studio journal for future reference.

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