Saturday, October 11, 2014

National Coming Out Day - a Diva's Weekly Challenge

Today is National Coming Out Day. This is an event I wasn't aware of until this week's Diva Challenge was set by guest blogger Daniel. I did a little research and found an image that was so simple and clear, a yellow equal sign on a field of blue. I used that image as my string, drew my patterns, and then painted in the color. I would like to thank Daniel for setting this challenge and wish all a peaceful and supportive day of celebration.

Tangles Used: Linq, Gutz, BeadLines, Tipple


  1. lovely idea for a string - like what you have done with it

  2. Just finished posting my challenge - starting to look at what others have created - we had the same idea of using the HRC logo as the string. Really like what you did with yours

  3. using Gutz is super appropriate :) because it takes em, to come out, right?
    This is a terrific tile. Using the HRC symbol of equality is a good touch. I like how linq and beadlines cross along behind the equal sign. Well done

  4. Lovely tile! Like the contrast of the colours!