Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leaves as a String - a Diva's Weekly Challenge

This week the challenge was to use leaves as a string. I decided to use a pumpkin leaf as my string and to tangle on a pumpkin shaped Spring Board. (I guess I had pumpkins on the brain because I was teaching my pumpkin design last night for the first time.) I had fun filling the different parts of the leaf with various tangles. I am not sure that it actually looks like a leaf in the final analysis but the point was to use a leaf as a string not to make a picture of a leaf so I am reasonably pleased with the outcome.
Zentangle SpringBoard
Tangles Used: Onamato, Huggins, Chillon, Echoism, Yincut, and Amaze

I'm also including the results from week #183 here (that was the X-Did challenge). I didn't have my blog up and running then but I did do the challenge.

Tangles Used: X-Did, Flux, Reef, Onamato
Zentangle SpringBoard
Tangles Used: X-Did, Printemps, Flukes, Eke, Zinger, and Sampson

Tangles Used: X-Did, Estwire, Nekton, and misc. barbed wire tangles


  1. love your pumpkin leaf tangles.

  2. All are beautiful and I like this pumpkin idea.

  3. Like your pumpkin leaves. Like the white on black.