Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Now How Do I Reset My Internal Clock?

I envy those of you who live in places that don't use daylight savings. It isn't that I don't like daylight savings per se, it's the time change that gets me. It's easy enough to run around the house and reset the clocks, but my internal clock will be off for weeks. <sigh> There was an article on vox.com with excellent visuals of how changing or not changing the clocks would effect the amount of light in our lives. But enough whining! Let's get on with the art.

I have set aside Take-A-Stitch Tuesday for a bit. Last month I did InkTober and right now I am working on ornaments for various gifts.

I literally could not resist this one. I don't even know who I may give it to!

From the 2016 Just Crossstitch Ornament Issue

I actually made 5 of these but one has already been given away. Very fun to stitch, a bit tedious to make into ornaments. But the result was so worth it!
Holiday Twirlaments by Kathy Rees

Diva Challenge

This is a Use-My-Tangle Challenge and I was really excited to see that the tangle is Eaxy. I saw this on a tile a month or so ago but couldn't find step-outs. I can't believe this pattern is made out of selectively positioned Xs. I would have never guessed!

Tangles Used: Eaxy and Isochor


  1. Great Diva tile! It reminds me of some sort of special envelope.

  2. You have beautiful drawn this pattern Dorita and I'm fond of these gorgeous Holiday Twirlaments!

  3. Your Eaxy is so perfectly executed! And, I just love your cardinal!

  4. I am so happy that you have been delighted to find the stepout for eaxy Dorita! Thank you so much for sharing and trying eaxy!! Your eaxy and tile is gorgeous!! Warm regards from Cologne, Nadine

  5. First, i really need to know, what did you use to stiffen the ornaments? They are a brilliant idea and I'm dying to try some but I'm having difficulty working out how you actually put them together after stitching. And then you Challenge tile is so pretty. Sometime just two patterns are enough. As for your internal clock, my sympathies, we do the same and it always gets me. (Though less since I finished work and my time is my own.)

    1. Your wish is my command! I put a blog post up with a how to for making a tubular ornament.

  6. Love your great Eaxy composition and the cute bird!

  7. Love how this looks like it's folded in on itself. Great tile.

  8. Love the Eaxy in Eaxy! Great idea!

  9. Great idea to use Eaxy as a string and fill it with Eaxy ;-) Very nice tile!