Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Falling Into Autumn

Our Indian Summer weather seems to be over and we have had several days of rain. Enough so that the new, green grass is beginning to come up through the old, dried grass.

And even more important to our water situation, we've had snow in the Sierras. So here's to a (hopefully) wet Wet Season.


Diva Challenge

I wasn't feeling very well last week so I never got my Diva Challenge posted even though I finished it. The Challenge was to use NZeppel and Flux in a DuoTangle, two tangles I really like.

Tangles Used: NZeppel and Flux

This week's Challenge was to be Halloween themed. I decided to make a Zendalla using bat shapes. When I want to do something like that I use the website Drawerings. So grateful to have such great tools out there! As a sort of Tangle-joke I used the Tangle Garlic Cloves to keep these little vampire bats at bay ;)
Tangle Used: Garlic Cloves


  1. Even though I love the Diva tile, it took me a moment to see the bats and then, when I did, it was one of those doh! moments. How could I NOT see them? I started Inktober too but I didn't stick with it and now I feel I let myself down a bit. Next year, I really will do it next year.

  2. Nice work for Inktober and two wonderful tiles for the Diva. I like the way how you have drawn 'N Zeppel, a very nice composition. I'm fond of these Garlic Cloves on the red one. I didn't use that tangle but you did use it so beautiful. I'm inspired by you to use that pattern too in the future!

  3. That Drawerings website is great, thanks for sharing. I love the bat shaped tile a lot and the rest of your artwork is beautiful as well. Hope you feel better by now.

  4. I like your play on the halloween them. Your flux and nzeppel tile is wonderful.

  5. Great work in the inktober challenge.... Was going to do it this year but fell off the wagon part way through. Also thanks for the Drawerings website tip. I had not seen this before. Your tiles are great! Love your bat tile!

  6. Wonderful Inktober work!!! And great diva tile!

  7. What a fun Dive piece and thank you for sharing that fun website!