Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beads 'N' Things

Last week was just way to full of Thanksgiving to manage a post so this one will have to do double duty.

Stitching and Things

A while ago I mentioned that I was working on a large project. Well, in between all the Thanksgiving preparation I did manage to put the final touches on it. This is a beaded cuff designed, kitted and taught by Leah Ready for the Greater Pacific Region of the Embroiderers' Guild of America.

Shibori Ribbon and Beads on a stiffened felt base
I am really pleased with how it turned out and am grateful that Leah was willing to teach this workshop for us.

I also made this fun little Fabric Origami Ornament with one of my groups a couple of weeks ago. I found an on-line tutorial that has really good directions on how to make these just in case one of you can't resist ;)

Diva Challenge
Last week's Diva Challenge was to use reticules and fragments to tangle your tile. I went a more stitchy route (surprised?) and worked on something I've been meaning to do for a while. I did a felt applique last summer using Molygon and have been trying to decide ever since if I want to add surface embroidery to it or not. So Saturday evening I printed out a picture of it on glossy photo paper and tangled the Molygon areas with patterns that at least resemble stitches I could use. It was a lot of fun but I may have to try again on a larger print out since this was approximately quarter scale.



This week's Diva Challenge was Reticula/Fragment part 2. This time the fragment was supposed to be asymmetrical. I'm not really sure what is meant by a fragment...just a portion of a tangle? Anyway, I just drew a grid and picked a tangle that is asymmetrical. Having now looked at Carmela's blog I see that I may not actually have done what was intended but having put all that ink down and also having a policy of showing my first attempt, here it is.

Tangle Used: Florez

Wishing you all peace as we move through the Holiday Season.


  1. Lots of very pretty pieces for us to look at this week. Great idea to print out your applique to tangle. It doesn't matter if your tangle isn't one of the given fragments, as long as you enjoyed doing it :)

  2. What a great idea to tangle your appliqués! Your challenge tile has great contrast.

  3. A beautiful tile! And beautiful is the rest too.

  4. Beutiful tile, Very good idea in the choice of the fragment!

  5. So many wonderful and creative pieces to see here! Beautifully done!