Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Goes Out With a Bang, Or Why I Hate Palm Trees

Yup! That is one of our cars! Three years of drought plus 2 weeks of rain plus one wind storm equals lots of downed trees. Including one of our neighbor's palm trees. I know many of you may have a fond place in your hearts for palm trees. I do not. They provide no shade, are high maintenance, and wreak havoc when it's windy.  Fortunately in this case once the city crew got it off the car enough to move it we couldn't find any damage at all!

On to more artistic endeavors, I had fun making some tangled ornaments on acrylic. Here is my favorite but you can see the rest here.

My daughter wanted one of my pieces for Christmas. I had first thought of doing an ensemble for her but my husband suggested that he could laser etch one of my pieces on a box and then stain it. I choose the zen-Doll-a from challenge 196 and we wound up making two of them, one for my daughter and one for my friend.

For the first time in several years both kids were home for the holidays. My son was here for two weeks and my daughter got a four day weekend so we had a great time. It was really hard saying good-bye to my son when he left to go back to Taiwan and I was feeling very tearful. But as we were walking back to the car we passed a really cool exhibit being put on by the SF MOMA called When Art Rocked. I found the curator's website so you can read all about it. It was just what I needed at the time. When I got home I did a tile using only patterns by Taiwanese artists that I found on TanglePatterns as a way to feel closer to him.

Tangles Used: Oolo, Japan Diamond, Seedings, and PomX2

And last but not least we arrive at the Weekly Diva Challenge. This week is a UMT (Use My Tangle) Challenge using Hitched by HeidiSue. I did loads of things in my notebook with this fun tangle but ultimately made a zendala.

Tangles Used: Hitched, Vitruvius, Curl, and Facets

Here's to a fabulous 2015! May the winds of change blow gently through your palm fronds ;)


  1. Oops - that doesn't happen in the Netherlands: palm trees faling down... Luckily, you didn't have any damages!
    Your Hitched tile looks very beautiful!

  2. Love your zendala a lot, Hitch in the round is so pretty. The boxes are GREAT!!!

  3. Can't believe that tree fell on the car and they was no damage. Love the boxes, they look great!

  4. Very Clever! I almost got hit by a frond falling when walking the dog. They aren't my favorites either.

  5. Wonderful zendala with Hitched! I like your great boxes, too!

  6. I can understand your feelings about palms, but at least they probably do less damage than oak tree branches which are what clobber people and cars in these parts (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Your zendala is inspired. Very nice. Happy New Year.

  7. Love those laser etched boxes! And your tile is really, really pretty! Elegant!

  8. So glad there was no damage to your vehicle. The laser boxes are neat. Love the tile you did for the challenge.