Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pattern Mixer - a new challenge

Anya Lothrop has started a new set of challenges for us! Once a month she will choose two patterns for you to tangle together. This month the patterns are Mooka and Rixty. I had just bought new sketch books with medium toned papers, one in gray and one in tan so just had to use them for this challenge. I had a great time stealing moments away from the busyness of preparing for the holidays to find an oasis of calm to work on these.

I had to laugh when I finally peeked at Anya's example because I had done almost exactly the same thing she did. I swear I didn't look first! I did this one in ballpoint pen because that is what I had in my purse when I started it. I really like the mid-toned paper because you can add both shadow and highlight.

This one is done mainly in brown and sepia micron pen with colored pencils used for shadow and highlight. Tipple managed to worm his way into this piece as he often does. I had a blast doing these and can't wait to go see what everyone else has done.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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