Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fun With Color

This week I caught up on a few more of the tiles I have left to do from the book One Zentangle A Day (OZAD). I actually finished all the days a while back but am going back and picking up a few ZIAs that I hadn't done. This is really a great book and I have very much enjoyed working through it. The slideshow on the right side of this blog is my OZAD album.

This first exercise was to use alcohol-based pens to create a ZIA. I also used some water-based brush pens and an inktense pencil to round out the (rather limited) palette of my PrismaColor Premier collection. It was a fun project and I look forward to using these pens again.

Tangles Used: Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Nzeppel, PomX2, Bateek, and Festune

This second exercise was to use Inktense pencils and to shade using the complimentary color. I love my Intense pencils and really enjoyed using complimentary color to create depth. A new tool in my toolbox!
Tangles Used: Nzeppel and Tagh

This tile I did just for fun! Well, actually I was going to use it for one of the OZAD ZIAs but decided I liked it in black and white. I was doing this while listening to my son on the radio (he is a news anchor on a radio station in Taipei) and had a really great time doing it.

Tangles Used: Nzeppel, Taghpodz, and Florz
Last, but certainly not least is the Diva's Weekly Challenge. This was a fun DuoTangle challenge using two tangles that are new to me, Chebucto and Copada. I considered using watercolors to paint this as the Copada portion of the tangle made me think of rippling water but ultimately decided just to shade it with an ArtGraf Stick.

Tangles Used: Chebucto and Copada
Hoping you are all safe and warm!


  1. I love your take on the Diva challenge and the other tiles are nice too!

  2. Very interesting tile for the diva-challenge! I like the way you draw the tangle in such a big way. And so nice shading.
    But the other tiles are also beautiful :-)

  3. All of your Tiles are so beautiful. I love your round Chebucto tangle and the way you made the sections thick and thin. Your Capada pattern does look like ripplig water. Great Job.

  4. All are beautiful! Wonderful the colour combination in your zendala! The tile for the diva challenge is absolutely fabulous ... very interesting and creative use of Chebucto!!

  5. I like all of these zia's and think the shading in the challenge tile is so very well done.

  6. Nice set of tiles, and I like the shading in your diva challenge piece.

  7. Love your Diva tile. The ozad tiles are great also.

  8. I like how you centered the chebucto and then moved the others around the strong one in the middle. Very clever work as per usual!