Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All Dolled Up - A Diva's Weekly Challenge

This week's challenge by guest blogger Emily Classon was to use dolls as an inspiration for our tangle. Emily's examples are really beautiful but since neither my interior nor exterior child ever really played with dolls I was having trouble finding inspiration. I looked at lots of images of paper dolls but wasn't really feeling it. I had a vague idea of using a simple outline of paper dolls laid out in a circle with their heads touching

so thought I would try to use KrazyDad's kaleidoscope to create it. I never really found a way to get it laid out to create that result but along the way I began to see some very nice zendalas forming

The result of the image above after playing
and then I thought of the pun and that was it. I was hooked. So without further ado I give you this week's zen-doll-a <cumulative groan>

Tangles Used: Nzeppel and Tagh


  1. Clever idea and nicely produced. I like the patterns and the use of white space.

  2. Bwahaha Zen-doll-a!!! I recognize a sister spirit in you.

  3. Love it. I like when people do play on words and think outside the box. Excellent.

  4. I ended up doing a zendala too - I didn't come up with the zen-doll-a name though - Fun!

  5. hahahaha...zen dolla very funny! This piece was a beautiful idea!

  6. Very cool. I've never heard of that kaleidoscope and will have to check it out. It's fun to take a shape and see how it can be manipulated into a way that inspires you to create something. I like your zendala very much. For me, it combines dolls, angels, and snowflakes all in a graceful way. Nicely done. Thank you for playing with my challenge this week. :-)