Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Athitzi - A Weekly Diva Challenge

This week's Use My Tangle challenge set by the Diva is brought to you by Seven - and it is called Athitzi.

While looking at some of Seven's samples it struck me that it was very similar to a stitching technique called silk shading. Here are some samples from the Royal School of Needlework. I took a workshop in the technique a few years back. It is often used to create pictures of plants and animals and is deceptively simple since you are basically doing only one kind of stitch. But you need to get into the zone so that each color layers into the next and the stitches are done at the correct angle so that the result looks natural. Very much like getting into the zen of Tangling!

Here is a tile I had started on Sunday while my husband bought new shoes for his new job (Yay!!!!). Can you see the footprint that was my beginning string?

Tangles Used: Seedings, Copada, Athitzi, Tipple, and...uhm...let's call it Bounce


  1. Lovely tile, and what a treat that you shared that beautiful embroidery!

  2. A very nice tile...and congratulations on your husband's new job !