Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Flowers and Snowflakes and Valentines, Oh My!

The February Muster-Mixer challenge is to combine the patterns Cadent and Buttercup. I had a lot of fun playing with these in my sketchbook and ultimately did two tiles.

OK. That second one seems like maybe there were a few too many ideas for one small tile. I kind of like the first one though. It's sort of the Georgia O'Keeffe version.

I have been playing with a new design for my SpringBoard line. It is a little snowman lasered out of two colors of paper with a snowflake on is belly. I used the Drawerings site to help with the creation of the initial snowflake and then used Adobe Illustrator to create the pattern which I then transferred to paper and stitched. If you want to see more about my design process you can see it here.

This week's Diva Challenge is a Valentine's challenge. You could use a heart as the string, tangle hearts, or use red, white, or pink. Since the snowflake design has hearts in it I decided to use it to make a Zendala string. I also decided to work on a black tile which severely limited me in my choice of pens. But one of the pink pens I have works well on black so that was the color I went with!

Tangles Used: Minline, Festune, and Printemps
Have a happy Valentine's Day. If you don't have someone to celebrate with then celebrate the beauty that is you!


  1. I like all of these, especially the Valentine's challenge. Looks amazing on the black background.

  2. ├Łour tiles are all very pretty. I like your big cadent/buttercup tile. Your Valentangle on a black zendala tile looks great. Thank you for your research about the tan drawing paper. I will have a look at this shop.

  3. All so pretty and the challenge tile is great!

  4. All are lovely! Especially I like your Cadent-Buttercup tile! Very creative!

  5. I really like seeing your Valentangle on black. Cute snow man too, and your Cadent-Buttercup is great.

  6. Very lovely pattern mixer!! Your Diva heart is also lovely!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  7. Great Job with Cadent/Buttercup. I like both tiles for different reasons. Can't choose a favorite!

  8. The first one looks so easy and on the other hand stunning!
    Very good work!