Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's Birthday Week!

My husband and I were born six days apart so this is birthday week. Mine was on Saturday and a small group of us had a private workshop at The Mosaic Garden. Each of us made a different project but they were all fun. Nancy, the mosaic artist and teacher, has everything you could possibly want to make a beautiful work of art. Poking through the large assortment of tiles, beads, china, and found objects was so much fun! I made a mosaic that will go on a garden stake and live in my garden. Although if it doesn't rain soon my garden isn't going to amount to much this year! I had hoped that the trailing lines of round mirrors would stand out more so it would look a little less wild! But here is my nod to lupines and poppies.

Meanwhile, my husband had gone off to TechShop to work on some things and had apparently forgotten what the date was. When he got home he gave me this baseball etched by a fellow artist and said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" (He did know it wasn't Valentine's Day) I replied, "You really don't know what today is?" After pondering a while and finally looking at a calendar he realized the *importance* <wink, wink> of the date and said, "Happy Birthday!" Lol! He may have forgotten the date but he remembered me and that is really cool.

Madison Bumgarner 2014 SF Giants World Series MVP

The Diva's challenge this week is to try using tools or materials you've never used before for tangling. I knew immediately what I wanted to do. A while back I bought this wooden box at Michaels to put my tiles in after they have been displayed for a while.

I have some furniture touch-up pens from when I owned a picture framing shop (in a previous life!) and have been meaning to use them to tangle the box. Now these pens are well over a decade old and have 1/4" felt chisel tips so no fine detail here. I used  the lightest color pen to put in string number 145 from Tangle Patterns since it was uploaded on my birthday and it is birthday week after all ;)  And then I went to town with two of the darker pens.

Tangles Used: Paizel, Sand Swirl, Bubbles, and Tipple
I plan to do the sides too, but for now the top has been tangled. I see that Sharpie has some touch-up markers out with the usual finer point which would be easier to work with. I will probably finish this project with what I have but maybe next project....

I hope you all have a fabulous and creative week. Now I just have to think of something to forget for my husband's birthday Friday!


  1. what a fab idea! your results are lovely!
    Rachy http://flyinpinkmunki.co.uk/crafty/ xox

  2. Belated happy birthday!!
    Wonderful idea for tangling on this box! I´m really looking forward to the finished result!

  3. C'est très joli et original !
    It's very pretty and original!

  4. The top of this box is beautiful, I hope you will show the completed bx later. Like the one with the little mirrors too

  5. Glad you enjoyed spending for birthday creating a mosaic piece. Love how it turned out!

  6. Glad you enjoyed spending for birthday creating a mosaic piece. Love how it turned out!

  7. Happy belated birthday! What a great idea to tangle the box that holds your tangles :-) It turned out great!

  8. What a good idea to tangle on your box. And I am so happy that you used my string for your tile :-)))

  9. Happy belated birthday and what a fun way to tangle the box! It's great, and I hope you share pictures when the rest is tangled.

  10. Belated Happy Birthday. Great job on the box. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.