Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Giant String

Last weekend I started to make a tile for Day #28 in the One Zentangle a Day book that I am working my way through. I started working on it while watching game #1 of the NLDS playoffs between the SF Giants and the Washington Nationals and on a whim decided to use the SF logo as a string for the tile. For those who don't know, a "string" is penciled in to divide the tile into sections before inking in the patterns. The logo has an overlapping S and F, can you see it?

Zentangle San Francisco Giants
Tangles Used: Eke, Sez, and Star Map
The next day I decided to skip a few lessons ahead to Day #40 and use a letter for my string. In this case I used a G from the los Gigantes version of the Giants' uniforms.

Zentangle San Francisco Giants
Tangles Used: Vega and Jetties
Now that they have won their division and are playing for the league championship I will have to come up with a new tile to celebrate! Stay tuned.

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