Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Best Laid Plans....

Well, last week did not go at all the way I planned. I caught a virus early in the week and spent much of the rest of the week surfing the couch. Now that I'm vertical again my classes have started for the fall semester at the local community college. I'm taking Web Design and Descriptive Drawing. (I know...what a shock!) So I will just quickly post last week's and this week's Diva Challenge tiles.

Last week Holly Atwater of Ha! designs was the final guest blogger of the summer and she had a lovely audio meditation challenge for us. I really enjoyed doing this one!

Audio Meditation #1 ha! designs

This week the Diva is back and has challenged us to use the new Zentangle original called Zenith. I actually try to keep my pattern dictionary down to a dull roar (ask me how that is working out!) so had passed on the tangle when it first came out. But I have to say that I really enjoyed it and am glad to add it to my (ever growing) collection.

Tangles Used: Zenith and BeadLines

Alright, back to catching up on things that didn't get done last week!


  1. You did well with the audio tile - I am not good at listening, so mine was a bit of a shambles. (And I want to rush too, so that didn't help either.) I like the double/triple aura on the Zenith, it adds great depth.

  2. I do like Zenith and Beadlines together!