Monday, September 21, 2015

Always Expect the Unexpected!

Whew! Another really hot day here in the SF Bay Area. It was 96-deg F (34-deg C) and the smoke in the air from the fires up north are really getting to my eyes. The temperature is perfectly normal for this time of year (still uncomfortable though!). If you ever plan to visit San Francisco, do it in September or October when it is typically warm and clear.

I mentioned last week that I was going to go see the Turner exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Campo Vaccino (Modern Rome), J. M. W. Turner 1839

It was really excellent and I was actually surprised when I got to the end. I had no idea I had been there for 2 hours! After finishing the Turner exhibit I went upstairs to the American Collection. They have quite a few pieces painted during the same period as J. M. Turner and it is remarkable how different the Turners are from the other artists of the period. It is no wonder the critics of the time didn't appreciate him.

When I first got to the museum I decided to by a membership instead of just getting tickets to the one exhibit. I hadn't realized it but I got to buy a student membership because I am taking classes a the local community college. So Thursday I dropped by the Admin Building to pick up my student ID (so I can take advantage of more discounts!) and they also gave me a calendar/organizer. Now, I really don't have a need for such so I had it kind of tucked in the back of my mind that I might use it to tangle in. Enter the Diva Challenge this week to tangle on something unexpected. Because of the size of the pages I decided to use a size 8 micron for most of it. I started tangling Jasmin, but oops! I was so in to the flow of the pattern that I forgot to leave blank rectangles for the alternate direction of the leaf shape. So I just got on with my variation so I could find out what it looks like this way!

Tangles Used: Jasmin variation and Dicso
I turns out pretty nicely actually ;) So tangle on and embrace the unexpected.


  1. Very nice. I shall have to give Jasmin a try, I think. Thank you for introducing her to me!

  2. That happened to me too wen i draw this at the first time, so you made an unexpectid variation of it. Nice.

  3. Aren't "oopses" wonderful? It really gives us a chance to use our creativity to turn them into something different. Enjoy the rest of your planner!

  4. I love the little dicso flowers in the middle :)

  5. Dorita, this is beautiful just the way you did it!! It's nice cause there is white space in each square!! Beautiful work! :0) Annette

  6. This is beautiful! It has a nice graceful flow to it.

  7. I really like the coloured centre to it. A great way to use up diarys.