Monday, September 14, 2015

Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

I have had this lyric running through my head quite a bit lately. I decided to take a couple of classes at the local community college this semester and there are 204 stair steps between my first class and my second class! There is a shuttle I could take and I admit to using the elevator for the last part when it was 102-deg F last week but I have decided to mostly walk them all and call it my cardio for the day. Thankfully it is significantly cooler this week :)

This week I have/will be busy teaching my Sugar Skeleton design.

I spent all day Friday getting kits ready and then taught on Saturday and will teach again tomorrow. I am taking advantage of the location tomorrow and going to the De Young Museum in San Francisco. There is a Turner exhibit I have been wanting to see and it closes on the 20th so great timing!

The Diva challenged us to use stripes as a string this week. I had an ATC already strung with my current favorite string and decided it was meant to be.

Tangles Used: Tripoli, Planteen, Droplets,
 Luv-a, Yincut, and Hurray

Hopefully we will all be able to tangle a stairway to heaven this week!


  1. Would love to hear what you thought of the Turner exhibit. I saw it a few weeks ago.

  2. Lol, I love that skeleton face. Great work!

  3. I like the white part in this tile a lot.

  4. I do like that string and the contrast you managed against the deep reds of the ATC. Quite eye-catching!

  5. So funny, I'm on my way to see the Turner exhibit right now. I love your Diva piece~It's really dramatic.

  6. You used a very nice combination of tangles. On that background, your tile reminds me of a rich, brocaded fabric. Lovely.

  7. Your ATC looks like rolling hills in a strange and beautiful light! I love how you featured Droplets in white while keeping the rest subdued. And the skeleton - one of my daughter's early dates! Ha! Looks like you had a fun week!