Thursday, July 28, 2016

Art Circles

I belong to a mixed media textile group and recently we did a mini-workshop about using fabric transfer crayons to create a background for a stitched piece. I decided to do a quick tangle on paper....

And then ironed it on to a piece of  fabric. There was some organza available that had various photos printed on the fabric and I selected one of a sunset and basted it over my piece....

You can see that the tangle image is the mirror of the one done on paper because of the transfer process. I'm planning on adding some simple stitching to make the tangle more visible. It's an experiment but I really fell in love with the photo-transfer on the organza and hope to use that idea in future pieces.

I had so many ideas for last week's Diva Challenge but just never executed any of on to this week. The challenge was to use a string made out of circles and tangle away! I was decided to use a TanglePatterns string that I have admired for a while and kept it pretty basic.

String: TanglePatterns 116
Tangle: Reticulated

Hopefully you've all found someone to "art" with at least virtually. So much inspiration out there!


  1. Nice work you have done with the organza, gives a very special effect, I like it.
    Original interpretation of the challenge, me too I like very much to draw fragments and reticula!

  2. Love your diva tile, it looks like a set of nesting baskets. Thank you for coming to visit my blog too.