Friday, July 1, 2016

32 1-derful Years!

This was a busy week what with attending a Stitch-N-Pitch event at the SF Giants (baseball for those who don't follow sports), volunteering at the EGA table at the Fair and last but most certainly not least, celebrating our 32nd Anniversary. Where has the time flown? Oh, and my daughter announced that she is engaged!

I didn't get around to posting last week's Diva Challenge which was themed as, "Black and White and Red All Over." It was fun deciding which bits I would add the red to.
Tangles Used: Batumber, NZepple, Tagh, Fission, Star Map

This week's Diva Challenge is to do a remix of an older tile. I choose this tile that I drew in November 2014. I always felt that the foreground needed something distinguish it more from the background.
Original Tile: November 12, 2014
For the new version I drew the Huggins pattern in the background much smaller than on the original tile. I also used a heavier pen for the Trio and more shading (which doesn't necessarily carry through in the scan.) I think this version works better.
Remix Tile
Tangles Used: XYP, Trio, Huggins


  1. Woo hoo on your anniversary and congratulations on your daughter's engagement!

  2. All tiles are lovely. Isn't is amazing how those small touches of red have lifted everyone's tiles? I admire your Huggins - that is yet another tangle that I can't draw.

  3. The second tile has defenitely "something more" than the first one. Huggins is drawn beautiful!
    Your tile with a touch of red is also very nice

  4. Your "Black and White and Red All Over" is so Beautiful! And the Diva Remix is very nice too!

  5. Your Diva Remix is really well done. The remix definitely benefited from the smaller Huggins in the background, so you can see that you can see your beautiful Trio in the foreground. Love the Black and White and Red All over is fun and well done too. Looks like you added the red in just the right spots!