Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

I have been working on an ensemble as one of the last few prompts from One Zentangle a Day. It has taken me almost 2 weeks since I haven't worked on it steadily. I can only imagine how long it would have taken if I had done a 3x3 ensemble! Having looked at a few ensembles on-line I choose to make my string a tad representational to pull the piece together. And while I didn't take into account what I had done on previously completed tiles while I was tangling, I did mainly select patterns that had a theme of either spirals or using Fescu as a "seed." I also tried to make each individual tile stand on it's own merit. I enjoyed doing this piece and like the result.

Tangles Used: Top Left- Bubbles, Paizel, Cat-Kin, and Beadlines
Top Right- Crescent Moon, Paushaluv, Nzeppel, and Verdigogh
Bottom Left- Printemps, Ambler, and Sand Swirl
Bottom Right- Limpitz, Tortuca, Five-Oh, Jelly Roll, and Fescu

The Weekly Diva Challenge was to do a tile with Earth Day as a theme. I decided to work on a larger tile for this and used a 6-inch square tile. I also decided to refresh myself on a couple of techniques I used last year. After tracing around a CD I put in the strings for Sky, Land, and Sea and tangled the Land with a white glaze pen by Sakura as a resist. Then I added watercolor to the areas and used a salt technique in the Sea (how appropriate, lol) and a plastic wrap technique in the Sky (which didn't seem to do much). I took an interim picture at this point....

Tangles Used: Kandysnake and Waves

and then added tangles to Sea and Sky using gel pens. The Five-Oh tangle pretty much obliterated the salt pattern in the Sea area. I wasn't really happy with it so decided to add the Universe as a background using marker to fill and white gel pen to create "Widget" stars. I can't say I'm thrilled with the resulting tile but it was fun to do and I learned some more things about the techniques that I was refreshing.

Tangles Added: Five-Oh, Sand Swirl, and Widgets

Have a great week and remember to be good stewards to this amazing planet we call Earth!


  1. Your ensemble is beautiful; great fun to do isn't it? And the Earth Day tiles are great too.

  2. I love the top one -- it would also look great as a stitched piece!

  3. What a beautiful ensemble! And i love the coloring you added to your Earth Day tile. It's been amazing seeing everyone's interpretations of this challenge.

  4. Your ensemble is great. Love your earth day tile.

  5. Your ensemble is so lovely! I never tried such an ensemble... I looks so nice so I really think I should have a try too :-)
    I also like your diva-tile, wonderful colours!

  6. I like your diva tile! It's fun to experiment with watercolour paint, I've used the plastic wrap technique a few times. It's important that the watercolour is wet enough to make contact with the plastic. And don't remove it until the paint is dry. Love your ensemble!

  7. It's bold and colorful. I love it! Sarah

  8. Nice ensemble. Your other tiles are fun too with the colors. It's always fun for me to see widgets being used too! :)