Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Was I Thinking?

OK. It's official. Cricket Brain has taken over my life! I have allowed myself to get caught up in way too many projects/classes/workshops. As a result not everything is getting done in a timely manner. Sigh. So many art projects, so little time!

I did finish my first Madhubani tile. Fairly basic compared to the beautiful samples you can see on-line but very fun to do.

Painted on a small wooden tile using acrylic paints

The only other thing I have completed this week is the Diva Challenge which was to do a monotangle using Tripoli. This isn't a tangle I use but I think I have made piece with it so may use it in the future.

Tangle Used: Tripoli
Does anyone else see a very odd lamp when looking at this?!

Alright, off to herd crickets ;)


  1. I can see the lamp - an abstract funky one 😄
    Very nice!

  2. Me too, see the lamp very good, nice original composition, love this interpretation of Tripoli.

  3. It's interesting to read how many of us had light bulbs go off in regard to doing Tripoli. Yes, I see dangling crystals in your composition. I had to look up Madhubani. Interesting and colorful. Tame those crickets!

  4. I did not see a lamp at first, but after reading those comments of course I see it now :-) A very lovely one as well.

  5. We have a Tripoli lamp!
    I use it as an example for classes. I'll send pic when I get to studio.
    Yours is much more creative and prettier however.

  6. I get the too many projects feeling…. but I'm happy about having so many interests - many of my friends don't. Love your tripoli! I see an umbrella in the rain.

  7. Or an umbrella with lovely rain drops!