Monday, November 9, 2015

Lightning and Thunder and Rain, Oh My!

We are finally getting some rain here in Northern California. My poor, thirsty plants a very happy!

As I hoped, I finished my exchange gift in time for the party (just!) Here are a couple of pictures of the tote bag I made.

Pocket Front
Pocket Back
All done!

Being an exchange of course I received something lovely in return

Scissors Case Front
Scissors Case Back
Sweet Bunny Scissor inside

One down, two to go (exchanges that is). But I may be learning my lesson. The second one is nearly done with three weeks to spare!

The Diva Challenge this week was to intentionally leave a majority of your tile empty. I had been playing with stacks a few weeks back when we did the stone stack challenge
and so I decided to play with that idea today but using Narwal

Tangles Used: Narwal, Flux, and various flourishes
A small rock garden, just right for my patio!


  1. Oh very clever Narwal. I love your tote bag

  2. Your work, both stitched and tangled, is lovely.

  3. Ahh I love what you have done with Narwal :)

  4. Very nice DIVA tiles... and a little funny as well! Little dancers..;-)

  5. I'm glad to learn you're getting some rain in your neck of the woods---as it were. I hope all the forest fires are under control. You are obviously a very talented crafter in more than one medium. I have a sewing machine gathering dust which makes me feel guilty every time I see it next to my 3/4 finished patch work quilt. The narwal stack is a great idea for the Diva's challenge. Nicely done too.

  6. The narwal tile looks like a pile of stones. Love how you've added the flourishes. Great tote!

  7. Really love your Narwal! Beautiful.

  8. Very beautiful tile for the diva challenge. Great idea!

  9. I love the little tufty things growing out of the Narwal! Excellent!

  10. Love your Narwal and your stone stacks. I love the tote bag as well, especially your Laurel Burch kitties on the front. Nicely done ... all of them!