Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Positive in the Negative

I have been working on a piece in my studio journal off and on since our vacation in May. I think I am done with it now. At least when I look at it I am not compelled to add "just one more tangle" to it :)

Tangles Used: Antidots, Nzeppel, Printemps, Vigne, Bandola,
Lazy Eights, Poke Leaf, Tipple, and Abundies

For the Diva Challenge this week guest blogger Sandy Hunter challenged us to shift our focus to the negative space, so the white part of the tile is the focus. I used a vaguely leaf-ish sort of string and then drew Pand in the background playing with the positive and negative spaces in the squares. This reminds me that I bought a book about Notan late last year and was going to go through it in January. Maybe it is time to resurrect that goal!

Tangle Used: Pand


  1. A cool organic shape is what appears to me. It has good direction to it. Almost as though you could predict how it has moved. Neat!! Sarah.

  2. I've not used pand before. Very cool looking tile!

  3. Very nice! It looks like something is being unfurled. And "Notan" - - I bought a book on that and couldn't figure out what the heck they were trying to say. I'm anxious to hear what you learn on that subject!

  4. Both are wonderful! "Pand" is a fine background pattern for your challenge tile!