Tuesday, July 14, 2015

And Breathe....

This week's Diva challenge by guest blogger Katie Crommett couldn't have been more timely. She challenged us to keep it simple. Fewer tangles, more white space, and remember to breathe! I have found myself stressed because of my many commitments and this was just the nudge I needed to really set aside some time for me and get into the moment.

Tangles Used: Pop Cloud and Sails

Well, that is about all the time I have for breathing for now! I still have kits to finish putting together for the class I'm teaching tomorrow, and one the the components hasn't arrived in the mail, and....


  1. Good for you that you managed to take some time for yourself! Nice tile.

  2. Lovely tile! Fine choice of tangles!

  3. So beautiful! I can even see this as an illustration of inhalation and exhalation. :) Wishing you more breath and peace.