Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Color My World

Despite the title of this post I am starting it of with something in black and white. This is my tile for the Muster Mixer challenge this month. The challenge is to combine Cat-kin and Jax into a mash-up tangleation. This one flowed for me and I'm happy with the result.

And then the color started to happen. As I mentioned last week a friend and I had signed up to go to a Copic Marker workshop. We took two classes on Friday and one on Saturday. First up was a class focused on faces  and hair so as you can see, I haven't yet colored in anything else.

The second class of the day (and it was a very long day) covered mono tones and sepia. The focus was a really in depth look at shading.

The second day was focused on clothing and accessories. It built on the shading we had done the day before.

I learned quite a bit about color and shading that I hope to apply to my pieces in the future. It was fabulous to be in a class with dozens and dozens of colors to use but I'm not sure I'm ready to invest in a huge set of markers yet. But the lessons should apply to watercolor and colored pencils which I do have so I think it was time well spent on top of being a total blast.

The Diva Challenge this week also had a color theme.  She and her friend Tara organized a Fun Run for Beads of Courage for the third year in a row. The beads are used by children and their families who have chronic or life threatening illnesses to represent their journey in a tangible way. A bead is given for each needle stick, X-Ray, test, or procedure and they help children coping with a serious illness. The challenge was to take your inspiration from the Beads of Courage program for your tile.

I've used markers (although not Copic) to color the smaller beads and ironically have done no shading at all. But that is what the tile said it wanted and I bowed to it's greater knowledge!


  1. Love your beads of Courage. Colored pics are also great.

  2. your Muster Mixer ist so beautiful :)

  3. I love your colorful Beads of Courage - they are wonderful!! And your Pattern Mixer is quite lovely!!

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. Love your whole post but especially like that you added courage to your bead tile.

  5. Your breads of courage tile is great looking! But what exactly is a Copic marker?

    1. Copic is the brand name for a line of marker pens that use an alcohol-based ink. They are made in Japan and come in several different styles and an amazing range of colors. Pricey though.

  6. I love your beads of courage. As you say, the bold colors really need nothing more! How interesting to read about your marker class and to see your beautiful work. I know we will be seeing some pretty fancy stuff from you with that!

  7. Love the vivid colors of your beads for the diva challenge!

  8. I love the colorful bead tile you did for the Diva's challenge. It is clean, simple and cheerful---like the beads that help comfort the brave little patients who earn the Beads of Courage.

  9. Very lovely post! Especially I like your both challenge-tiles! They are really wonderful!

  10. Your Beads of Courage tile is so cheerful, so colorful, so beautiful!!!