Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ketchup Day and A Diva's Weekly Challenge

No, not National Ketchup Day. That was in June. But it has been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted and want to catch up. So here goes....

First up was an ornament exchange. I had nearly 10 months to stitch this but naturally I left it until the last week. It is done on 32-count (very fine) linen which is also very navy blue and done entirely in Queen Stitch. All of which would have been easier to do eleven years ago when I first took the workshop. Are you sensing a pattern here?

The Queen's Berries by Diane Clements

Next, I wanted to finish my Inktober project. I already knew it was going to be a very busy several weeks because of teaching and kitting for classes so I decided to keep the project manageable and did inchies. Here they are in no particular order:

Inktober 2014

Then there was the above mentioned teaching and kitting plus several family events. And finally, while I wasn't posting I was thinking about the Weekly Challenges and got caught up this week.

Challenge 191 - A Betweed Monotangle

I enjoyed this and thought that the variation I did in the diagonally aligned squares looked a lot like the Queen Stitch.

Tangle Used: Betweed
Challenge 192 - Use My Tangle: Seton by guest blogger Cris Letourneau

I really enjoyed playing with this one and can see all sorts of possibilities. This turned out to be another monotangle with a nod to one of my favorites, Star Map.

Tangle Used: Seton
Challenge 193 - TriTangle: Trio, Huggins, and XYP (THX) by guest blogger Holly Atwater.

I have practiced Trio and XYP in the past but have never used them on a tile. I really enjoyed the result and will definitely use them more in the future.

Tangles Used: Trio, Huggins, and XYP

Well, I think that has me all caught up. I have kitted the last kits for this year and will teach my last class of 2014 tomorrow. Of course, a group contacted me this morning for a class next year, and another group wants me to design them a snowman...until next time!


  1. nice work - all of it . I can't imagine working on 32 count - I can barely see 14 anymore! (getting your drift) I like your huggins especially in your diva thx tile

  2. A lot of beautiful stuff that you show us here! Huggins is great!

  3. Great challenge tiles and I can't imagine working that small with the stitching anymore! Beautiful!

  4. This week's challenge was certainly that and you've done beautifully! Enjoyed looking at your other pieces too...and learned about National Ketchup day...hahaha!